Coding Kids with Scratch Programming

Language programming or coding is one of the keys to successfully competing in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Abilities such as logical thinking, systematic, creative, daring to try, and others are a package of soft skills that can be obtained when learning coding. These soft skills will be useful in the process of children’s growth and development and as a provision to live life.

Coding skills can also increase competitiveness in a highly competitive technology era. Individuals who have coding skills will certainly be more valuable than other traditional skills. Positively utilizing technology, such as learning to code, is also useful for dealing with increasingly rapid technological developments. As is known, exposure to technology since childhood is unavoidable.

Thus, we provide a platform for our students to be able to learn and follow the development of science in this technological era. Not only can we be users, so we hope that our students can become developers and even founders of this technological development.